The investment we put into a goal determines our returns, results and how successful we are. It is fundamental to everything we have done at Comp|EDGE Training. Our adherence to this philosophy has lead us to and through many accomplishments with so many athletes. Over the last few years Comp|EDGE began an almost natural evolution that now calls for a significant change. What was originally a nutrition, training, and coaching company, Comp|EDGE has grown into so much more.

Introducing Capable Incorporated.

Capable Inc. finds is the 25 years of Special Operations experience of owner Tony Cowden. As the name infers, we will expound upon the solid foundations and proven methods of he has developed and offer integrated services that provide an synthetic approach to what it takes to be successful at your most important and loftiest goals.

In a world where men and women are more and more disconnected from basic skills required for a successful, rewarding life of accomplishment, there is no better time to provide a more fully inclusive package of mentorship and guidance to those who desire a life of purpose. Capable Inc. will serve to introduce the always improving mindset via programs for and examples of physical preparation, healthy eating, firearms proficiency, back-country skills, and leadership.

In short, our newly refined mission is to provide the knowledge and skill-sets in an environment fueled by the WANT MORE/DO MORE mindset to anyone interested in becoming more a more capable person.