Schedule Private Training Course.

Contact us to set up and schedule your session. Our Private classes are very flexible and are built to our clients’ requirements and requests. It can be 1 or more students and we will travel almost anywhere for private sessions.

Private Classes give our clients’ the opportunity to train exactly what they want. In private classes, we are able to often able to offer our clients opportunities and flexibility we cannot always provide in open enrollment classes. It is not uncommon to cover far more exercises and shoot many more rounds in less time in a private class than an open enrollment class.

Sessions are scheduled and built per your requirements. One or multi-day sessions are available. We can train any skill level.

Pistol, Carbine, or Long Range.
Self Defense, Tactical, and Competition.
CQB for civilians or LE/Military… Team or Single Person.
Situational Awareness.
Building / Structure Assessments and Defense Plans.
Fitness and Nutrition.
Defensive/Evasive Driving.
Off-road Driving and Recovery.

Contact us to build your training package, get a quote, and schedule your training event.

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