About Tony Cowden


Tony has 22 years in the Special Operations community, serving nearly half of that time in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Central Asian and Africa countries. Tony coached his first athlete to The CrossFit Games in 2009, and has since sent 16 more, including teams and masters athletes. He has sent 28 athletes to CrossFit Regional competitions, and developed Powerlifters, Strongman Competitors, Triathletes, Ultra Endurance athletes and Military personnel. In recent years, Tony has helped lead the way in developing concurrent endurance and strength athletes, especially within the military. His END|Strength™ Programming develops high levels of endurance and strength simultaneously and has become the go to of the US military special operations personnel as well as athletes looking for new challenges. Proving his END|Strength methods, he completed the Beach 2 Battleship Half IronMan Triathlon in 6 hours and the following day Squatted 505lbs and Deadlifted 565lbs. On April 9th, 2016 Tony squatted 600lbs, Deadlifted 600lbs and ran a sub-six minute mile (5:41), making him one of the very few who have completed The 666 Challenge… the only man over 40 years old to do so. In September 2016, he completed the 106 West Triathlon, the highest elevation Half Iron Triathlon in the world, and followed up the race with a 505lbs squat and deadlifted 505lbs for 6 reps. Most recently he attempted the BigFoot 200, considered the most difficult 200 miler in North America, finishing 131 miles of the race and maintained a 500lbs squat and 560lbs deadlift.

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